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VitoLiv Natural Herbal Supplement for Liver Cleansing

Every day we consume and digest a big quantity of unhealthy substances, including chemicals, toxins, hormones, antibiotics which affect the liver and its functions. Liver problems can cause serious medical conditions and even death because it in one of the most important organs in the human body.

VitoLiv is an herbal product with a high quality that helps the liver clear from the toxins and chemicals, including alcohol and drugs, and prevents it from damages and diseases. VitoLiv offers relief from various liver symptoms and normalizes the liver function. The pills contain powerful herbs which maintain the liver in a healthy condition.

VitoLiv efficiently clears the liver from all stored toxins, makes it work better, reduces any pain and prevents it from new damages and symptoms. It is absolutely safe product which has no side effects.

VitoLiv: A Multi-action Natural Supplement for Liver
Like liver, VitoLiv benefits users in a number of ways. It is a multi-action supplement that prevents liver damage and repair already damaged liver due to drugs, alcohol, viruses, toxins etc. It improves your digestion thereby providing relief from non-specific digestive problems. It maintains overall health and metabolism. VitoLiv eliminates all harmful toxins from the liver.

How VitoLiv works?
VitoLiv protects liver cells or hepatocytes from various toxins by restricting their entry. It alters the structure of outer membrane of hepatocytes in such a way that toxins can’t enter the interior of the cell. Moreover VitoLiv stimulates the production of new liver cells and regenerative ability of the liver by increasing the synthesis of more ribosomal proteins.

VitoLiv is a complete formula for maintaining liver health having cholerectic property which enables the normal flow of bile. It strengthens the immune system by acting as an Immunomodulatory agent. Furthermore VitoLiv reduces deposition of lipids in the liver induced by the wide spectrum of toxins. This highly effectiveherbal formula also protects liver from inflammation, viral growth or attack and replication.

VitoLiv Ingredients
Brand Name: Vitoliv. Servings Per Container: 60 Capsules.

Picrorrhiza kurroa 
Phyllanthus niruri
Boerhaavia diffusa
Andrographis paniculata

VitoLiv Dosage
It is recommended to consume 2 tablets, twice daily after meals. Follow the course regularly to achieve better results.

VitoLiv Side Effects
VitoLiv has no side effects because it is made of natural herbs. The product is absolutely safe and is recommended by many doctors. However, VitoLiv pills should not be taken if suffering from diarrhea. Concomitant treatment with laxatives and purgatives should be avoided.

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