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The best laxative and natural stool softener VitoLax

VitoLax is your herbal answer that contains unique laxative herbs, that relieves you of constipation fast, regularizes and normalizes bowel movements and promotes a healthy digestion.

Do you feel bloated and uncomfortable due to constipation?
It is known that constipation occurs when the restriction of bowel movements happens for 3 or less times during a week. It may also be the result of dry, hard, difficult to pass or painful stool. Our physical activity and the food we eat both affect the constipation. Leading to fissures and piles, the constipation gets more serious at times

VitoLax is the herbal formula to combat your digestive problem including chronic constipation. This phytomedicine has benefited millions of people around the world.

VitoLax : Kick Out Your Pain and Sufferings Associated with Constipation!!
The unique feature of VitoLax is that it possesses natural laxative properties. Thus it is completely free from any kind of side-effects associated with synthetic laxatives including bloating, cramping, abdominal discomfort, faintness, diarrhea, nausea etc. Synthetic laxatives include bulk forming laxatives and stimulant laxatives etc. It makes bowel movement easier for you.

How Does VitoLax Work?
VitoLax is made up of herbal ingredients which curb digestive disorders and constipation effectively without causing any side-effects. Its all effective ingredients trigger the bowel to contract to move the stool out. VitoLax add water and bulk to your stool thereby making bowel movement easier.

VitoLax Ingredients
VitoLax is made up of following potent ingredients:

Each 5 g poweder contains :

Plantago ovata (Powder)


Cassia angustifolia (Extract)


Triphala (Extract)


VitoLax Dosage
It is recommended to consume 1-2 tsf of VitoLax daily with a glass of warm water. Follow the course regularly to ensure better results.

VitoLax Side Effects
VitoLax has been tested for its effectiveness and side-effects by most experienced and famous doctors. After extensive research done by these doctors, it is revealed that “VitoLax has no short-term and long-term side effects”

Clinical Study and Medical Research
VitoPharma has subjected VitoLax to several clinical trials to ensure its potency, effectiveness and reliability. The results of these clinical trials were awesome which demonstrated that VitoLax is well tolerated, effective and safe as a remedy for constipation. It doesn’t have any adverse effect on physiological and biochemical functions of the body.

Science Behind the Working of VitoLax
VitoLax promotes normal peristalsis and bowel motility by absorbing water. Furthermore it expands to generate increased bulk and moisture content to the stool. The synergetic effects of the herbal ingredients make the supplement a balanced combination of different types of natural laxatives for effective management of constipation.

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