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NicoNot - Kick the smoking habit (Herbal stop smoking)

Smoking Consequences: Highly Dangerous for Your Loved One……..
Smoking is a global problem affecting millions of people including adults, teenagers, children and old. Initially it is acquired for the sake of fun, to get rid of stress, for style etc. but later on it becomes a kind of addiction for smokers. It is really sad to know that from the past few years more and more children are acquiring this habit

Smoking not only hampers your health but also affects your loved ones causing a number of severe ailments like respiratory diseases (bronchitis, asthma), lung cancer, stroke, infection and cardiovascular diseases. It is neither beneficial for you nor for your loved ones.

NicoNot has gained popularity among millions of people within a short period of time only because of its efficacy, potency and reliability.

NicoNot: Nicotine FREE Herbal Anti-smoking Remedy!!
Today’s most of the anti-smoking products consist of small amount of nicotine which fulfills your craving for nicotine. Thus in this way they helps you to get rid of smoking but at the same time supplying your body the small amount of nicotine which is again harmful for you. On the contrary, NicoNot minimizes your nicotine cravings with the help of its herbal ingredients. It also prevents withdrawal symptoms.  

How Does NicoNot Work?
NicoNot is a weapon that helps you to fight against the urge to smoke and claims as one of the most effective Anti Smoking Tablet worldwide. Its herbal ingredients and fast working mechanism eliminates the cravings from the root. It targets on the nicotine receptors in the brain by completely blocking them and the best thing about NicoNot is that it never makes you realize that you are quitting something. Also Unlike any other anti- smoking pill, it doesn’t lead to any kind of side- effects like depression, mood swings etc.

The working mechanism of NicoNot involves herbs that act as a natural substitute for nicotine gratifying the body’s addiction to this toxic substance, while providing it natural nutrients only. NicoNot also helps people to get rid of depression that is a common phenomenon among smokers.

NicoNot Ingredients
NicoNot is a natural formulation of the finest herbs that works in fighting withdrawal symptoms of smoking and effectively gets rid of your smoking habit. NicoNot consists of the following potent ingredients:

Adhatoda vasica:
Leaves and extracts help to relieve all kinds of cough and cold, asthma and bronchitis.

Glycyrrhiza glabra:
Gets rid of the side-effects that are by smoking. It acts against cough and clears nasal pathways.

Ocimum sanctum:
Possesses anti-bacterial and laxative properties. It is also used against asthma, sinus and congestion. Ocimum sactum stimulates yet calms the brain.

Acorus calamus:
Helps to stop smoking by inducing a kind of nausea toward smoking. It provides calming effect to the brain also aids in digestion.

Syzygium aromaticum:
Used against bronchitis, sore throat, and common cough and cold. It also aids to quit smoking.

Zingiber officinale:
Is known to possess laxative, anti-flatulent, and digestive and properties. It increases blood circulation and helps loosen up muscles. It helps to lighten emotions and bring about an overall enhancement of mood.

NicoNot Dosage
It is recommended to consume 3 tablets daily with a glass of water. Follow the course regularly to get rid of smoking habit permanently. Each bottle of NicoNot contains 60 tablets

NicoNot Side Effects
NicoNot has been tested for its effectiveness and side-effects by most experienced and famous doctors. After extensive research done by these doctors, it is revealed that “NicoNot has no short-term and long-term side effects”

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